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Mother's Milk

Avaialble for purchase on dvd and streaming

"The perfect indie movie experience: unpredictable, thought provoking, adult, immersive and very personal".


Mother's Milk has had tremendous success, garnishing 7awards and 12 nominations at multiple film fests. The film has recently been picked up by Circus Road Films and is being distributed by Monarch Home Entertainment. This was Ed Pionke's first film. 


Synopsis: By day Claude Rainer is a university statistics professor who can be easily overlooked. By night he holds a dark secret in the base­ment of his modest home. After a childhood trauma which left him motherless, Claude has formed a dysfunctional craving that can only be fed by a new mother’s milk. To satisfy his cravings, Claude has kidnapped a beautiful young woman named Kim so that she can become his nourishing mother. He finds Kim jogging in the park pushing a stroller. Little does he know the baby is her niece. Content to not give up hope, Claude holds Kim captive in his basement.


What follows is the journey the two have over the months as psy­chopath and captive develop tenderness towards one another. In the beginning Kim is frightened by Claude, however as time passes she comes to see him in a different light. As the days pass the two become more comfortable with each other. Claude has found some­one with whom he feels he can share all of his secrets, while Kim is hoping to find her way out.


With flashbacks to the past, and horrifying dream sequences, the truth inside Claude is revealed, and his search for true love may become impossible. The simmering plot boils over as the two move inexorably to a climax that will forever change each of their lives.


Staring: Casey Chapman, Mackenzie Wiglesworth, Scott Anderson, Vanessa Hughes, Dennis Rowe, Jaden Klein, Jamie Bragg, Jeannie Giannone, Laura Taylor, Bree Michales, Nicole Keating, Robert McConnell.



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What people are saying about MOther's Milk.......

"It does take some twists and turns I didn't expect, and it showcases solid direction from a new director. I would highly recommend it."

"It's a boiling-pot-slow-burn thriller with a big payoff. Stockholm syndrome meets Oedipus complex. An ideal case study for any psychology buff and a buffet of treats for any film-lover (I just hope you enjoy liver). Highly recommended."

"I like "smart" horror films – and I got one."

"Casey Chapman and Mackenzie Wiglesworth give stellar performance each - well-deserving of the numerous awards they've received for this."

"I would HIGHLY recommend this movie to anyone and everyone who enjoys a psychological thriller. You will feel the tension."

"GREAT performances, GREAT direction with a Hitchcock horror/suspense vibe. It stayed with me for days... even when I didn't want it to."

"Alfred Hitchcock would be proud"

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